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Black Angus Pack

Black Angus Pack


The Black Angus Pack featuring 1855 Black Angus Beef: 1855 Black Angus Beef provides the flavor, tenderness, and juiciness for the most rich and flavorful eating experience. The Black Angus breed marbles naturally and abundantly for extraordinary layers of buttery beef flavors and a tender, lush consistency. 1855 beef is sourced solely from Black Angus cattle raised in the grain-rich areas of the Great Plains, a region known for producing the richest Black Angus cattle available. Unmatched quality. Unparalleled flavor.

USDA Choice / USDA Certified Black Angus

  • Boneless Strip Steaks: Two 10 ounce premium “New York” strip steaks.
  • Ribeye Steaks: Two 10 ounce tender, marbled ribeye steaks.
  • Chuck Steaks: Two 16 ounce chuck steaks, with rich, beefy, flavor.
  • Top Sirloin Steaks: Two 8 ounce top sirloin steaks, rich in flavor.


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