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Sensational Pack

Sensational Pack


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We’ve pulled out all the stops for this one: The Sensational Pack! Spicy Gaucho Chimichurri Steak, savory Coffee Rub Tri-Tip, and our best-selling Bourbon Tri-Tip, all together in one sensational pack! Can you handle this much flavor?

  • Gaucho Style Chimichurri Marinated Steak: Premium sirloin flap steak marinated in a chimichurri-based sauce- that’s what makes it Gaucho Style! Spicy, tangy, and bold, this steak has true Argentinian style and flavor! (Approx. 2 lb)
  • Coffee Rub Marinated Beef Tri-Tip: Subtle smoky undertones and savory spices highlight the texture of tender all-natural beef tri tip. Our Coffee Rub Tri Tip will surprise and delight! (Approx. 1.1 lb)
  • Bourbon Style Beef Tri-Tip: Inspired by the big flavors of Texas, and infused with the subtle sweetness of bourbon flavoring. Ideal for grilling and roasting, Bourbon Style Tri-Tip is our flagship of flavor! (Approx. 1.25 lb)
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